Web Accessibility

Making sure your website is accessible to everyone is extremely important. This includes people with disabilities, elderly people, people who don’t have access to a mouse, and more.


One thing you can do to improve accessibility on your website is choose a color scheme that won’t make it harder for colorblind viewers to see your content. It’s also a good idea to include text when using color coded buttons. This makes it easier for people with colorblindness to tell which button leads to which action.

Some of your viewers could also be epileptic, and they could be triggered into a seizure by icons that flash or blink rapidly. Make sure not to have any icons like that.

Another thing you could do to improve accessibility is to make sure your website works without images. Some of your readers could be blind, which means they will most likely have some kind of screen reader to deliver the contents of a page in audio format. Others might have images cut off because they want to access the content of the page more efficiently. When text is put onto the page in image format, the readers who have images shut off won’t be able to see that text. These are all important things to consider.

Some readers don’t have access to a mouse for navigation. It is important to consider keyboard only users when designing website navigation.

Another issue to consider is video content. It’s better to make videos have captions and/or subtitles so that users with hearing problems can understand what the video is about. It is also a good idea to not use auto-play for videos. If a user needs to have screen reader technology to access a page, the audio from the video will overlap the audio from the screen reader and cause a lot of confusion.

It is also better to keep sentences easy to understand. Complex sentences with a lot of jargon can confuse readers.

I plan to take all of these things into account when designing my website. I found this video and these articles helpful. Take a look at these two pages as for more information on making your website accessible to those with colorblindness and epilepsy.


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