Organizing a killer website

When creating a website, it’s important to think about the layout of each page. Start with your home page and work from there.

The Home Page

For each page, it’s a great idea to make a rough sketch of how you want it to look. This video has some awesome tips on creating an organized and eye-catching home page.


Sketching out your layout is always a good idea. It will help you organize your site for when the time comes to build it.

One tip from the video is to divide the home page into sections so that when you scroll down, you get a different section each time. Making the home page scrollable is a great choice when designing a website.

It’s also a good idea to include engaging media on your home page. You want your visitors to feel like they can interact with the site instead of just seeing a page with one or two things that aren’t very important.

Landing Pages

When creating landing pages, or individual pages with different content, it’s a better idea to categorize them under one tab in your main menu. This video shows how to add pages to a website on Weebly.

In the video, the person explains how to create a drop down menu under one tab. This is a great idea to show different pages for different categories of work. For example, if someone wanted to show different charity work they have done in the past, they could make a separate page for each charity organization.


Here’s an example of a drop down menu. Each category links to a different page, so it isn’t all jumbled onto one. This makes navigation easier.

It’s much more clean and organized to have separate pages for different topics.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Website

  1. Make your home page enticing, but don’t use Flash. Flash can be distracting to the viewer, and good websites don’t need all those bells and whistles to entice their viewers.
  2. Put a footer at the bottom of the page. This is where you’ll provide links to your contact information, your about page, social media, and more.
  3. Make separate pages for different content. Categorize and use drop down menus to make navigation simple.
  4. Make sure to provide at least a Home, Contact, and About page. Those are the three most common pages and provide important information to viewers.
  5. Your home page should appeal to your target audience. Use features that will entice that audience.

I found this article helpful. It explains ways to organize pages and create a website that will bring in more viewers.


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