How to blog like a pro

Blogging can be really easy if you follow the right steps and blog about something you are actually interested in. All it takes is a little preparation and research.


First, you’ll want to pick a topic you actually like to talk about. Otherwise your post will be boring and dull. You don’t want to come across as unenthusiastic or you’ll lose readers.

Next, you’ll need to prepare and do some background research on your topic. It is extremely important to have all the correct facts. If your sources and information aren’t credible, your readers will lose interest in your blog. Always double and triple check with multiple, credible resources before posting anything that might diminish your own credibility.

research for blog pic

Research your topic thoroughly.

Then, you might want to make an outline of your post. It helps to have everything you want to say planned out so that each post will flow smoothly. Posts that jump from one thing to another and back are harder to keep up with. Your readers want something they can easily comprehend.

After you’ve written your post, you might want to add some photos or images that relate to the topic. This makes readers more engaged in what you’re discussing and gives them a short break from reading. Plus, pictures enhance your post in a way that words sometimes can’t. What’s that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. So use them! But don’t bog down your posts with pictures either. Find a good balance.

Once you’ve completed your post, pictures included, go back and proof read for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Your readers will get pretty annoyed if your posts continually contain typos and comma splices.


Another thing to avoid is writing long paragraphs. Try to divide up your posts into sections of about 3 or 4 sentences each if you can. This makes it easier for your readers to follow along.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I am a Communications major. It’s a very broad field, but almost any job in it will probably require blogging experience. I am going to do my best to make each post appealing to potential readers and showcase my abilities to any potential employers in the future.

I found these two articles very helpful when making this post. Hopefully it helps you too. Happy blogging!


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