My first blog post

Hello, my name is Lindsey Bullard. I am currently in my junior year at the University of South Alabama. My major is Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism and my minor is Criminal Justice. I’m from a small town about 30 minutes north of Birmingham, which is about a 5 hour drive from Mobile. I get homesick sometimes, but Mobile is becoming a great second home.

I think the purpose of a blog varies from person to person. Some may write a blog on a subject they love and others may run a blog for their business. Some blogs are for humor or entertainment and others are about serious issues and current events. I personally enjoy blogs that post about entertainment, movies, shows, and humor. I love music and film, so any blog that has the latest music and movie news is one I’d be interested in.

People in the field of broadcast news might use a blog to publish their own articles and share articles written by other journalists. Perhaps they might keep a blog as a portfolio of sorts to show potential employers what they are capable of. It is good to have a place to really showcase your talents, whether that’s in a blog or through a website.

Whatever purpose a blog is for, it is fun to create your own unique blog. I read a couple articles on how to create a blog and blog posts before making this one. One of them can be found here and the other can be found here.


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